Jason Momoa has revealed the ending of 'Aquaman' will see the character "become what he's destined to be".

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

The 38-year-old star will take on the role of the aquatic superhero in the upcoming DC blockbuster, and he has given away some potential spoilers regarding is comic book future as King of Atlantis.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, he said: "He was born with the powers but he never really harnessed them, honed them.

"Obviously this is his whole origin story. We've seen him in Justice League, which is maybe two minutes of his old life, so we get to see where he came from.

"I think when he was a little boy, he had these powers and he didn't really hone them, so this whole journey of him going to become the king... the last frame of this movie you're going to see him actually become what he's destined to be."

There is always the possibility that 'Game of Thrones' hunk Momoa is trying to mislead fans to make the ending a big surprise, but it appears the final shot of the film will see Aquaman crowned King of Atlantis.

The star was also asked for his secrets when it comes to acting underwater, but he joked he needed to protect his job and keep his cards close to his chest.

He added: "If I give them away someone's going to take my role!"

'Aquaman' - which also stars Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman - will hit the big screen on December 14 in the UK, and a week later on December 21 in the US.