Jameela Jamil has blasted Quentin Tarantino for casting Emile Hirsch in his new movie 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'.

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil

The 'Good Place' actress is furious that the director has chosen Emile for his new project after the actor attacked her friend at a nightclub during the Sundance Film Festival in 2015, leaving her with PTSD.

Jameela tweeted: "Cool. Emile Hirsch strangled my tiny female best friend until she blacked out at a party in front of dozens of witnesses at Sundance Film Festival (and was convicted) but Tarantino just cast him in a movie. INTENSE case of rich white male [privilege] eh? Cool. Cool. Cool.

"Left her with three years of PTSD and never paid for her treatment, and still hasn't apologized to her. Not today Satan, not today...

"Emile Hirsch has not apologized for this heinous crime but is [rejoining] Hollywood's elite," she continued. "Slow clap to everyone involved in this movie. So many other actors who haven't attacked women to choose from (sic)."

According to a criminal complaint obtained by E! News, in 2015 Emile allegedly attacked Hollywood executive Daniele Bernfeld in 2015

He reportedly called her a "rich kid" and asked her why she looked "so tough" before she pushed him away.

The complaint continued: "Shortly thereafter Hirsch came up from behind Bernfeld and wrapped his arm around her to put her in a chokehold. Hirsch pulled Bernfeld across the table and onto the floor, where he landed on top of her. While Hirsch was on top of Bernfeld he wrapped his hands around her neck. Bernfeld said she felt as though the front and back of her throat were touching and she remembers things going dark. Bernfeld reported that she may have momentarily blacked out."

He received a $4,750 fine, spent 15 days in jail and completed 50 hours of community service.

Speaking previously about the attack, Emile said: "I'm still just so sorry for what happened and still just shocked even that it happened. Also, grateful in a way that you know it gave me an opportunity to make my life a lot better and to do some of the things that helped me in finding ways of just clarity."