Tara Reid

Tara Reid

Ian Ziering nearly missed the chance to star in cult horror Sharknado as he had reservations about working with troubled star Tara Reid.

Ziering plays Reid's onscreen estranged husband in the movie, which took America by storm when it aired on the Syfy channel earlier this month (Jul13) and became an instant sensation on social networking websites.

The film's leading man has now revealed he wasn't sure about signing up to star opposite Reid, due to the American Pie star's reputation as a party girl, but he was pleasantly surprised by her work ethic.

He tells Access Hollywood, "We came in, did our work, she was honestly very sweet, prepared, ready to do her stuff and did a great job. I've gotta hand it to her - she was professional".

Ziering adds of the filming, "It was an 18-day shoot, it was miserable, we were soaking wet the whole time, it was cold".

The TV movie, about a violent storm which carries vicious sharks into the city of Los Angeles, was so popular, channel bosses have confirmed a sequel is in the works.

The flying sharks will hit New York City in the follow-up.