Hugh Grant filmed his scenes for 'The Gentlemen' in just four days.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant

The 59-year-old actor stars as Fletcher in the action crime film directed by Guy Ritchie, and it has been claimed by his co-star Charlie Hunnam - who plays Raymond - that Hugh managed to deliver "45 pages of monologue" in just four days on set.

When asked about the time they spent together whilst filming the movie, Charlie said: "We actually didn't spend that much time together. It was about four and half days, I think, in total. Which really is extraordinary when you see the end result - which I haven't, but I can imagine. Hugh delivers somewhere in the region of 45 pages of monologue, but yeah it was all shot in about four and half days I think."

Charlie also gushed over his "remarkable" co-star's talent.

He added: "It's remarkable, right? He brought the thunder, as they say."

But Hugh played coy about his achievements on set, as he replied: "That is ... roughly true."

Despite not spending much time together on set, Charlie and Hugh - who are also joined by co-stars including Matthew McConaughey, Jeremy Strong, and Colin Farrell in the movie - did form a bond, with Hugh being "surprised" by how "cool" the 39-year-old star was.

In a joint interview with, he said of Charlie: "I was surprised by how cool Charlie is. Natural cool. And I don't know whether that's you or pharmaceuticals but he's cool, he's laidback. And I'm not at all, I'm wound up like a whippet. So I was surprised by that.

"And as for his secrets, I mean, I know them all now."