Ernie Hudson will reprise his role in the third 'Ghostbusters' film installment.

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson

The 73-year-old actor - who played Winston Zeddemore in the original 1984 movie - confirmed that he and his surviving co-stars Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray would be keen to return to their roles for the latest film, directed by Jason Reitman, and produced by his father Iva, although they will miss the presence of the late Harold Ramis, who played Egon Spengle in the comedy films.

Ernie told DailyMailTV: "We miss Harold because Harold was really the glue that I think held everybody together. He was always my go-to point and anything that was a little bit weird, or whatever, Harold was the guy who would sort of say, 'Ernie, just...' and explain the world to me.

"And I miss him, but his spirit is there. But Ivan Reitman is there and everybody is in. Now whether the studio will do it, I'm the guy who sits by the phone and waits for the call. So if they call, I'll answer. If not, I've got other stuff that I'm doing.

"We've grown, we've learned and a lot of really new young talent that I'm sure they'd bring in to it. So it would be a lot of fun. I think it would only deepen. And we'll miss Harold."

Ernie added that the 35th anniversary of 'Ghostbusters' would be the perfect time for the popular film series to return, and praised the franchise's fans for their endless support.

He said: "Thirty-five years, the fans for 'Ghostbusters' are the most amazing fans, because this is not something that the studio really set up. This is something that the fans embraced.

"I mean guys make their jumpsuits, and they turn their cars into Ectomobiles, and they tattoo us on their bodies, and I'm just overwhelmed and humbled by it.

"So 35th year and there's talk of other possibilities happening, which I would love, but we'll see. But it's great to have been a part of that franchise."