James McAvoy

James McAvoy

Eran Creevy was inspired by Hong Kong action cinema for 'Welcome To The Punch'.

The director's latest film - which stars James McAvoy as a cop chasing after mastermind criminal Mark Strong with the help of Andrea Riseborough - was shot entirely in London and Eran used his love of the genre to create a new style of British action thriller.

Speaking at the 'Welcome To The Punch' Gala Screening at the Vue Cinema in London's Leicester Square, Eran exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think [the film is] inspired by a love of Hong Kong action cinema, such as films by John Woo and 'The Killer', and I think what sets it out [from other British action films] is it's more aspirational.

"It's kind of a very glossy looking American style thriller, but shot in this country. It's very London-centric, with the London cast and the city as a backdrop in the movie. I think hopefully that an audience will take it as a good, fun, exciting action movie."

To shoot the action sequences the cast had to work night shifts in order to close down certain areas in the city and Eran found it an "amazing" experience.

He added: "We were night shoots for weeks. It's hard going when you do night shifts, you sort of get into this surreal head space where you don't know what the hell's happening.

"And we closed down Canary Wharf and it was amazing, it was a great experience. It's tiring when you do it - the physicality of it is unbelievable."

For the cast of the film - which also features 'Trainspotting' actor Peter Mullan and 'London To Brighton' star John Harris - Eran "aimed high" and is proud of the finished ensemble of actors.

He said: "They're the some of the best actors of their generation. And you just always aim high when you cast and we got as best as we could. It was great."

'Welcome To The Punch' is out on March 15.