Ellen Page thinks coming out as gay has made her a better actress.

Ellen Page

Ellen Page

Page announced her sexuality to the world during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign's 'Time to Thrive' conference in Las Vegas on February 14, 2014 and since her declaration of her "authentic self" Page has been more "excited and in love with her job".

In an interview with the Metro newspaper she was asked if coming out has helped her acting, to which she replied: "Yes, one hundred per cent. I feel more excited and inspired and in love with my job than I ever have and I think a huge part of that is having your authentic self be aligned with your creative self."

Last year, Page appeared in 'Freeheld' with Julianne Moore, 55, in which the pair played a lesbian couple fighting for equal rights to a terminally ill partner's pension.

As one of the most prominent gay stars in Hollywood the 'X Men: Days of Future Past' actress insists it was important for her to make that film and get the real life story of police officer Laurel Hester and mechanic Stacie Andree's story out to the wider public.

Page - who played Stacie in the film opposite cancer sufferer Laurel, portrayed by Moore - explained: "When the script was first sent to me I was 21 and shooting a movie in Michigan. I remember crying over it but being so inspired by these two women who, in a time of unimaginable difficulty and sadness, fought so hard for their rights, and my rights, and all of the LGBT communities rights.

"It was one of those stories you really want to tell. After the film was made but before it came out, marriage equality happened [in the US]. It was such an exciting moment, to be able to celebrate such extraordinary progress but also mindful of the work that still needs to be done.

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