Eli Roth has a story "ready" for a 'A House With A Clock in its Walls' sequel.

Eli Roth

Eli Roth

The forthcoming thriller fantasy film - starring Jack Black and Cate Blanchett - is yet to hit cinema screens, but the 46-year-old director is crossing his fingers that it does well at the box office because he's got a script ready for the follow-up.

Speaking to talkRADIO at the premiere of the film in London on Wednesday (05.09.18) night, Roth said: "The sequel, and this is the truth, is entirely in the hands in the public. It's not up to me. We would love to do it.

"Cate, Jack and I had the time of our lives shooting this movie, we have a story ready. There were 12 books written in this series - starting in 1973 - so I would love to continue telling these stories but it's completely up to the public, if people come see it then we'll do another one."

The movie sees Blanchett play Mrs. Zimmerman, while Black portrays Jonathan Barnavelt and Roth has admitted he's waited his "whole career" to work with a duo like that because they're are such fun to work with and are very professional.

He explained: "They're the dream team. As a director, you wait your whole career to work with a duo like that. But Cate and Jack are so good, they're so fun, they bring such energy and real magic. You can write it, but once you put them on camera and see them together they have such love and respect for each other. I think Jack brings out Cate's comedy chops, she's very funny and Cate brings out the best dramatic acting from Jack so it's a really potent combo."