Edgar Ramirez

Edgar Ramirez

Edgar Ramirez says that it is a 'privilege' to star in the new Point Break movie, and he isn't feeling the pressure of the role.

Ramirez joined the cast list earlier this summer, and will take on the role of Bodhi - originally played by Patrick Swayze - in the new film.

Luke Bracey is on board as Johnny Utah, while Teresa Palmer and Ray Winstone will also star.

Speaking to the Press Association, the actor said: "I'm very excited. I don't necessarily feel pressure, I don't want to put it in those terms. What I feel is it's a privilege," he said.

"There's an amazing and beautiful legacy from the first movie and I just want to have fun and try to have my own experience with it.

"That is one of my favourite movies, I mean, I was pretty much influenced by it, and I couldn't be happier to go on this adventure."

Ericson Core is in the director's chair for the new film, and filming is under way on the movie.

Ramirez returned to the big screen over the weekend with horror film Deliver Us from Evil, and has also completed work on Hands of Stone.

Point Break is set to be released next year, but no official UK release date has yet been announced.

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