Duncan Jones is hopeful there will be a 'Warcraft 2'.

Duncan Jones

Duncan Jones

The director dedicated three years of his life to the movie 'Warcraft: The Beginning' - a project partnership between Legendary Pictures and the game's develop Blizzard Entertainment - in order to bring the massively multiplayer online role-playing game's fantasy world to the big screen.

However, his vision was met with disappointing reviews and under performed at the US box office and a proposed sequel was dropped by Universal Pictures, but Jones admitted he would love to return to the franchise because he still has a clear vision for the series.

He told Collider: "I don't know. That's such a weird one for us, you know. Chris Metzen, who was at Blizzard, and myself, we felt really good about the film we made and felt we had set up things in such a way we could continue the story, given the opportunity. And 'Warcraft' is such an unusual case because it did do so well internationally but didn't do well here in the states. But I don't know if even Legendary really know how to move forward. Maybe in time they will decide that the international audience is a good enough reason to move forward.

"So, I'm hoping so. They've got my number. Hopefully."

Although plans for a second film seem to be off the table, it was hoped Universal Pictures could reconsider due to Warcraft's strong overseas box office performance and Jones has admitted, if he was given a chance, would continue making the movies the way he thinks "they should be made".

He said: "I wouldn't put it into my calculations of how to make a movie. If it's good enough for them to agree to make a movie then I know what I'm doing then I will continue to make them the way I think they should be made. If it's not then they won't make it. Or they won't make it with me."

The movie - which cost $160 million to make and was released in May 2016 - grossed $47.4 million in America but banked $386.3 million in other countries for a worldwide total of $433.7 million.

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