Dominic West is a huge fan of documentary-maker Stacey Dooley.

Dominic West

Dominic West

The 49-year-old actor has revealed he loves watching the TV presenter - who has been making social-issue-themed documentaries for BBC Three for almost a decade - in action, saying she's one of the people he most admires.

Dominic - who has kids Martha, 20, Dora, 12, Senan, ten, and Francis, nine - told the Guardian newspaper: "She does incredible documentaries - in one, she took spoiled British kids to the Philippines to work in a factory. It's exactly what my kids need to watch."

Dominic also admitted to feeling hugely protective of his children.

Asked to name his greatest fear, the film and TV star confessed: "That I would not be able to protect my children."

Meanwhile, Dominic recently claimed that raising his children in a castle in Ireland has given them a "far broader existence" than they could find elsewhere.

The actor lives in the spectacular surrounds of a castle in Glin, and he believes it's the perfect place to bring up a family.

He said: "Glin enriches my life and my kids' lives in terms of identity and continuum."

Dominic is confident his children will ultimately benefit from being surrounded by Irish culture during their youth.

And he's insisted there's nowhere else in the world he would rather raise his kids.

He explained: "My children are surrounded by Irish wit and humanity. They have a far broader existence than they would anywhere else in the world."

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