When David Kim's (John Cho) 16-year-old daughter goes missing, he does his all to find out what happened to her, leading to the opening of a local investigation and a detective (Debra Messing) intent on cracking the case. After 37 hours of searching and no lead, David looks in the one place that hasn't yet been delved into: his daughter's laptop. Realising he must trace her digital footprint before she is lost forever, David faces a race against time to bring back his loved one.

This week, a thrilling new trailer for Searching has been released, showcasing some of the above as well as more of the action we should expect when the movie hits the big screen a little later this year. Check it out below:

Told through the digital devices the majority of us use every day of our lives, Searching looks to be one of the most innovative releases of the year.

Directed by Aneesh Chaganty, the film also stars the likes of Joseph Lee and Michelle La, with Chaganty also writing the screenplay alongside Sev Ohanian.

Critics have already had their say on Searching, with the majority lauding the film for its originality and character development. Currently sitting with a score of 85% on reviews aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes, this looks like one of the must-see movies of the summer.

Searching comes to cinemas across the UK on August 31, 2018.

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