Danny McBride thought he would be the "comic relief" in 'Alien: Covenant'.

Danny McBride

Danny McBride

McBride has admitted he thought his character in the forthcoming science fiction film would see him play a comedic role to bring a light-hearted element to the "dark" film, and was shocked when he read the script to find there will be no humorous scenes.

Speaking to HitFix about the upcoming blockbuster, which will see him cast as the spaceship's pilot, he said: "Jesus. This is f***ing 'Alien'. He's talking to me about 'Alien' right now.

"Then I got the script and I'm like this s**t is dark! There is no comic relief in this at all. This is a dark horror movie."

However, the 'Pineapple Express' star - who played Red in the comedy movie - is looking forward to ditching the funny man role he usually plays for something more serious in 'Alien: Covenant'.

He explained: "To be able to step into something like that and to participate in a way that not relying on things I'd done before.

"That was exciting."

Meanwhile, Danny's co-star Michael Fassbender - who will reprise his role as android David in Sir Ridley Scott's sequel - has promised there will be "aliens coming out of people" in the follow-up to 'Alien' prequel 'Prometheus', which will see a lot more killer extra-terrestrial action this time round compared to the 2012 epic.

Speaking previously, the 39-year-old said: "There are going to be great sets and aliens coming out of people.

"The sets are fantastic. Again, the most impressive sets I've seen since 'Prometheus', which was the original setting. It's a fantastic mixture of high-end technology and primitive elements. The way that I can explain it is the same way that Ridley did 'Blade Runner'."

Fassbender and the rest of the cast, which includes Billy Crudup, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Demian Bichir and Jussie Smollett, are currently shooting the project in Sydney, Australia.

'Alien: Covenant' is scheduled for release in August 2017.

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