Colin Farrell's children are unimpressed that he has a starring role in 'Dumbo' because they're bored of his Hollywood job.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

The 42-year-old actor stars as war veteran and former circus star Holt Farrier in Disney's new live-action version of their 1941 classic animation about an elephant with over-sized ears that learns to fly.

However, he has admitted that his children Henry, nine and 15-year-old James aren't "that easily impressed" and have become blasé about his big screen career.

When asked if his kids think it's cool that he is in 'Dumbo' at the film's UK premiere at London's Curzon hotel in London on Thursday (21.03.19), he replied: "I don't know man, they're not that easily impressed! Massively disappointing. They see the man behind the mask darling; no no no they're bored of me!"

The 'Lobster' star went on to praise the film's "absolutely divine" director Tim Burton and said it was "pure joy" working with the legendary 60-year-old fantasy filmmaker.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Colin said: "That was a dream. It was pure joy. He's absolutely divine; I just have all the time in the world for him. He's an incredibly imaginative artist but he's got tonnes of heart as well. His films aren't just these fantastical trips into these visual worlds but it's just supported by so much heart I feel."

Speaking about how he would spend time on set just observing Burton, he said: "Tim Burton is lovely. I loved working with him, I really did. I could watch him on a film set all day. I would often sit by Craft Services eating snacks and watch him work on the set, because he's really engaged with the whole process of shooting a film. The way he moves is frenetic. He is a very magical dude."