Colin Farrell thinks Tim Burton is a "very magical" filmmaker.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

The 42-year-old actor spent a lot of his breaks filming 'Dumbo' sitting on the set and watching his director in action because he was so "engaged" with the filmmaking process.

Colin said: "Tim Burton is lovely. I loved working with him, I really did.

"I could watch him on a film set all day.

"I would often sit by Craft Services eating snacks and watch him work on the set, because he's really engaged with the whole process of shooting a film.

"The way he moves is frenetic. He is a very magical dude."

The 'In Bruges' star had wanted to work with Tim "for years" and was particularly excited when he heard about his live-action take on 'Dumbo', so sent an email to the director and was delighted to land an audition, and subsequently the part of amputee circus performer-turned-soldier Holt Farrier.

He told SciFiNow Magazine: "I'd wanted to work with Tim for years, so when I heard that he was going to direct 'Dumbo', I sent him an email.

"I have been a fan of all of his work and I have vocalised my love for his movies many times in the past.

"To hear that he was doing something that was as quintessentially as wondrous as 'Dumbo' was a great revelation to me.

"I had met Tim before, years ago, but we talked soon after I sent him that email and I was lucky enough to get flown to London and get on the set, which was extraordinary."