Ben Stiller has heaped praised on screenwriter Mike White for his work on 'Brad's Status'.

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

The 'Night at the Museum' actor stars as Brad Sloan, a middle aged man left miserable by constantly comparing himself to his successful friends, and he explained he was drawn to the movie for tackling something that isn't talked about in Hollywood.

Speaking to Collider, he said: "I think Mike is just an amazing writer, and he finds the truth in the scenes, and the places we don't necessarily want to go to, the uncomfortable places, and then he finds the humour in that."

Stiller - who provides his own character's voiceover throughout - added that the 'School of Rock' writer seemed motivated by doing something against the grain, and surprising audiences with how the story was told.

He said: "He was interested in not doing a traditional movie. The structure's there, it doesn't go the way you think it might go. I think that's because life is not like that.

"I read it and immediately connected with it just 'cause it was this idea I hadn't seen approached in movies, I think, ever.

"What goes on in our heads all the time, on a moment by moment basis, in terms of how we're comparing ourselves to each other all the time."

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