Ben Foster says 'Galveston' co-star Elle Fanning is such a great actress that he used to get distracted by her on set.

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

The 37-year-old actor co-stars with Elle, 20, in the new movie, which tells the story of a dying hitman who returns to his hometown to carry out his revenge and he had nothing but praise for the young actress.

Ben - who recently welcomed a baby daughter with wife Laura Prepon - said: "I think Elle is such an exciting actor, and she's got a great reputation for just being a pro. That makes a big difference. It really does. If you're a good actor, with a bad rep, that just makes it harder. When you have a great actor, who's got a great rep, then you want to go play with that person. When the cameras roll, she has the most devastating truth pouring out of her eyes, and I just find myself distracted, at times, watching how fantastic she is."

And Ben was also excited to work on director Mélanie Laurent's English language directing debut.

He said: "I had seen Mélanie Laurent's film 'Breathe', which was spectacular. It's one of the most effective films about adolescence. I have not had the experience of being an adolescent girl, but in my estimate, it was a very deep dive and an effective one. I was terribly moved by what she did with that, so that drew me to it."