Bel Powley is proud to star in new horror film 'Wilding' because it has a "feminist" message.

Bel Powley

Bel Powley

The 26-year-old actress portrays mysterious character Anna in the fantasy horror film, a teenager who has spent years locked in an attic by a man she calls Daddy to keep her safe from a child-eating creature that lives in the woods called The Wilding.

Anna is eventually freed by a local sheriff and then as she starts her new life she begins a journey of self-discovery that unveils exactly who and what she is and Powley admits it was great to be the centre of the story.

Speaking to the New York Post newspaper at a screening of the film at the iPic Theater in New York City, she said: "I love horror films although this one's very feminist. In today's society, you must understand these things."

The film has supernatural creatures in it and Powley - who also stars in the film with Liv Tyler and Brad Dourif - admits she had to spend a lot time in makeup for some of the more fear-filled scenes and she was worried that the prosthetics would damage her skin.

The British star said: "I spent four hours a day getting prosthetic makeup. I had to take care my skin didn't peel off."

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