Annette Bening has praised Barbara Broccoli as a "quite remarkable" woman.

Annette Bening

Annette Bening

The 59-year-old Academy Award nominee stars as real life actress Gloria Grahame in the romance 'Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool', and although admitting she felt nervous, Bening had nothing but praise for the James Bond producer.

Speaking to Collider, Bening said: "There's always a nervousness factor when I work on anything, but not in relation to this producer because she's quite remarkable. She's just got the biggest heart and she's incredibly well organised. She inherited the Bond franchise, and she produces those films, so she has evolved into this absolutely extraordinary woman.

"She's just a fine human being, as well as being a great pro. I felt a great responsibility. All of us who were on this and who put ourselves into it felt a great responsibility to make this work and to make the things that we wanted to do happen, in a way that was real and believable and, at the same time, not sentimental."

Bening stars alongside Jamie Bell, who plays real life unknown actor Peter Turner, who meets the actress in 1978 and the two start a vibrant love affair despite their age difference.

Although the film is based off Turner's own memoirs, Bening revealed she felt a "great responsibility" to Gloria's family as some of the scenes were made up.

She said: "This all did happen, or most of it did. There are a few scenes in the movie that we made up. So, I did feel a great responsibility to her family, as well. Even though we did not contact her family and I wanted to respect their privacy completely, her son Tim, who's in the film briefly at the end, saw it when we were in London and he liked it very much.

"That meant the world to me. That was really, really, exciting. I wanted to just meet him and talk to him and ask him about 10 billion questions, but it wasn't the time.

"I hope that another time, I can spend time with him and just ask him what their lives were like."