Stephen King gave notes on the script for 'IT Chapter Two'.

Andy Muschietti

Andy Muschietti

The film's director Andy Muschietti was grateful to have the acclaimed author - who penned the 1986 horror novel on which the movie and its prequel 'IT' is based - make some suggestions.

Speaking to Collider, he said: "Steve, I love this man and he's been so supportive of this. I share the script with him because I wanted to know what he thought of it, if he has any kind of notes. He very generously said, just take this as it is, it's not a mandate but these are a couple of things I would like to see in the movie."

Meanwhile, Muschietti previously played down the important of box office success for himself and the cast and insisted he'll be "proud" of the finished film, however much money it makes.

He said: "We literally got it ourselves to make the best film possible, a film we're incredibly proud of. If it makes $699 [million] or if it makes $702 or God knows what, we're still proud."

Whilst Jessica Chastain - who plays an adult Beverly Marsh - added: "I feel zero pressure. This ain't my machine... I'm a peg. We're all pat of the machine, I'm like a screw in the machine."

Jeremy Ray Taylor, who plays Ben Hanscom, shared: "It was a lot of pressure on the first one. To make a feature adaptation from Stephen King - such a legendary writer - people were really upset about it. To turn that in and do him justice is really hard to do and Andy [Muschietti, who directed both films] nailed it."