Adam McKay has teased that if a third 'Anchorman' movie was to be made it would be set in a war zone.

Adam McKay

Adam McKay

The 49-year-old writer and director penned and helmed the 2004 comedy 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy' and the 2013 sequel 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues', but rumours of a third movie in the franchise fizzled out.

However, McKay hinted he has an idea of another movie and revealed it would take inspiration from the Iraq wars.

McKay told CinemaBlend: "I can give you like a little half sentence. I don't know if you remember the first and even the second Iraq war.

"Maybe it was mainly the second Iraq war. They embedded journalists and that gave us kind of a whole story idea.

"I don't want to say too much, but I'll just tell you that embedded journalist, Ron Burgundy, Veronica Corningstone, the news team. That definitely gave us a big idea."

Both films had an impressive cast including Will Ferrell as the titular news anchor Ron Burgundy, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner and Christina Applegate.

Back in 2015 McKay admitted he didn't have any more ideas for sequels but after speaking with Ferrell, he said would love to see older versions of the characters.

He said: "Initially I thought no more sequels, there are so many interesting original ideas we want to do.

"Then I started talking to Ferrell and it was like, 'Oh yeah, there's something really interesting in letting these guys get old.' Maybe not in the immediate future, but yes, no we have kicked it around."

And McKay admitted he thought Ferrell's idea of returning to the story when the characters are much older is an interesting one.

He explained: "The funny thing with 'Anchorman' is because it's not age dependent, they don't have to all be 28-year-old leads.

"'Anchorman' is a movie we really could do another one in ten years, and they could all have grey hair and look old and it would actually maybe even help the movie."