DASH JUMPED AT CHANCE TO FUND WOODSMANHip-hop mogul DAMON DASH wrote out a cheque straight away and gave it to THE WOODSMAN's producers because he was so taken with the movie's script.But the ROC-A-FELLA RECORDS boss wasn't prepared to be a sleeping partner in the controversial film, starring KEVIN BACON as a reformed paedophile - he was involved in the project from start to finish.Dash tells London magazine TIME OUT, "It was about two-weeks before the movie started filming. I was eating in Mr Chows and an associate of mine said he knew of a good film project I might be interested in."I said, 'Gimme the script.' I read it, saw who was attached, and I just cut the cheque."Producer LEE DANIELS says Dash is modest about his involvement in the film, remarking, "He didn't just cut the cheque. He was very involved. In fact he got sick of me calling him with problems. I made him work for his money."Dash wasn't concerned the sensitive subject matter would put his money at risk, "I'm into realistic things, the truth. It was a no-brainer for me."