Paris Doppelganger Pokes Fun At Hilton In New Video Spoof.... Cheeky videomakers Sean Hayes and Alan Murray have been quick to cash in on Paris Hilton's prison problems by creating a new promo lampooning the socialite's legal woes.The duo has revamped Hilton's Stars Are Blind tune and have created a video to accompany the novelty song, Paris In Jail, with a Paris lookalike.The video, which appears on Hayes and Murray's website, features scenes of the Hilton doppelganger bemoaning her fate while writhing around on a bed in a makeshift jail cell, wearing a skimpy orange bikini, and also hitching a ride on a police officer's back, while her ankles are shackled.Meanwhile, the Hilton hoaxer sings, "They put me in the big house/Sounds like a movie pitch/Heiress goes up the river/Ends up as somebody's bitch/They can't do this to me, I'm rich/And now I am digging a ditch/My roommate's a woman named Mitch."The real Hilton is currently serving a 23-day sentence at Los Angeles' Twin Towers Correction Facility after violating her probation following a 2006 drink driving arrest.

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