Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has hinted that she would love to return for an avengers sequel.

The first Avengers movie has not yet hit the big screen but the actress, who reprises the role of Black Widow in the movie, is already looking ahead.

Avengers Assemble is the first time that a whole host of Marvel heroes have been brought together and Black Widow is battling alongside Iron Man, Thor, Captain American, Hawkeye, Hulk and Nick Fury.

And while Johansson says she wants to return she reveals that there are no current plans for a second film.

Speaking to Access Hollywood the actress said: "We are not [officially signed on].

"We hope that we are able to bring these characters back - all of our characters work interchangeably in each other's movies, but nothing's on the table yet."

Johansson's Black Widow was introduced to movie audiences in Iron Man 2 and she will be returning to that franchise as it was revealed last week that she would be in Iron Man 3.

Filming on Thor 2 is also expected to get underway later this year so there will be no Avengers movie being filmed any time soon.

Avengers Assemble is released 26th April.

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