Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez has revealed that they are close to completing the script for Sin City 2.

It was 2005 when Sin City hit the big screen and a second movie has been in the pipeline since that release but has been severely delayed.

But now with William Monahan on board to help pen a second script it seems like completion is not too far away.
Speaking to Playlist the filmmaker said: "We have a script for Sin City 2. We just needed to round it out a little bit more, brought in Bill to try and solve some things.

"Like before we had three different stories that we were trying to meld together and [Monahan] took a pass at it for a couple of weeks, and now Frank is doing his pass...

"We're pretty close. We might have it soon."

Rodriguez didn't drop any hints as to the story line but he will be back in the director's chair to helm the film.

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