Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss was more terrified by his human co-star than he was the giant white shark in Jaws - Robert Shaw was a larger-than-life bully.
Dreyfuss admits he faced his fears daily on the set - because Shaw was such an intimidating presence.
He tells WENN, "Robert totally intimidated me. I knew that on the first day I met him. I knocked on his dressing room door and I said, 'I have to say this before anything else happens - your Claudius was the best Claudius ever,' and then we started the relationship.
"Having not said that, I would've spent the entire summer going, 'Eek.' He terrified me.
"But he made me laugh and he was a great gentleman. He was also a terrible bully and he was really big."

It's been thirty five years since the release of Jaws back in 1975, a role Dreyfuss was nominated for a Bafta Award.

And he is back in the water this year as he stars in Piranha 3D before going onto Red with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

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