Will Poulter

Will Poulter

Gateway Films are delighted to announce principal photography on feature film Plastic.

Shooting internationally in Miami, London, Manchester and Brunei Plastic is based on a true story of one of the most audacious diamond heists ever pulled off.

Written by Chris Howard, Julian Gilbey and William Gilbey, produced by Terry Stone, Chris Howard and Dan Toland, Plastic is directed by Julian Gilbey (Rise of the Footsolider)

The superb international cast includes: Ed Speleers (Downton Abbey, Eragon) Will Poulter (Wild Bill, Chronicles of Narnia), Alfie Allen (Game Of Thrones, Atonement), Sebastian De Souza (Skins, The Borgias), Emma Rigby (The Physician), Brian Austin Green (90210, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Danny Trejo (Con Air, Machete)

Sam (Ed Speleers) and Fordy (Will Poulter) are not your average university students. Motivated by easy money and the lifestyle that comes with it, they work with Gurmet (Sebastian De Souza) and Yatesy (Alfie Allen) to run an undetected and hugely successful credit card fraud scheme out of their university halls. Life is good; they are young, they are rich, they are invincible.

That is until Gurmet and Yatesy steal from the wrong man: a seemingly simple job of stealing credit cards from a well off businessman turns sour when the boys take more than they bargain for. Marcel (Danny Trejo), a sadistic gangster finds and threatens the boys getting back what is his, but in the process notices the scheme they have in operation.

Marcel sees an opportunity to exploit the situation; he demands a long list of goods to be bought to him by 5pm that day. Easy. Marcel is impressed, too impressed, so he ups the stakes. He wants two million, in cash, in two weeks, for the debt to be written off for good. The boys reluctantly agree.

The boys exploit their venerable and beautiful fellow student Frankie (Emma Rigby), with a promise to help pay for her terminally ill father’s increasing debt. In return, she provides access to the credit card details of the wealthiest international businessmen at Credex. Everything is falling into place.

That is until once again Yatsey’s greed gets the better of him. A new plan is needed and quick. With Sam falling for Frankie, Marcel’s hench men after them, Yatesy becoming more and more unreliable and time against them, will emotions get in the way of the gang pulling off one of the most daring diamond heists in history?

Producer Terry Stone commented "Plastic is a fast paced international thriller, it is a fascinating story of greed, wealth and the power of money.

"The cast are superb and bring together the right mix of intensity, intelligence and confidence required to tell this story, we can’t wait to get started."

Plastic is produced by Terry Stone, Dan Toland and Chris Howard for Gateway Films

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