ParaNorman has topped the UK box office in its second week of release - ending the reign of The Sweeney.

The stop motion animation movie was beaten to the top spot by the cop drama last week but a £1.2 million gross this week has seen it move up a spot to #1.

Killing Them Softly was the highest new entry this week as the Brad Pitt driven movie opened at number two - however it failed to break the £1 million mark.

The House At The End of the Street was also new at number three as Jennifer Lawrence returned to the big screen.

The Sweeney fell three places to number four while Hope Springs was up one at number five.

Anna Karenina dropped three places to six while there was no movie for Brave at number seven.

Lawless and Dredd were both down four spots at eight and nine this week while Savages was the third and final new entry this week at number ten.

1. (2) ParaNorman, £1,219,194

2. (-) Killing Them Softly, £955,506

3. (-) The House at the End of Street, 796,041

4. (1) The Sweeney, £727,742

5. (6) Hope Springs, £625,201

6. (3) Anna Karenina, £509,196

7. (7) Brave, £468,182

8. (4) Lawless, £413,652

9. (5) Dredd, £382,359

10. (-) Savages, £379,898

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