Fred Willard says he achieved "every actor's dream" with his role in WALL-E.The comedian is the first person to appear as a live-action character in the forthcoming Pixar film but admits he was upstaged by the cartoon characters.He told "That's an actor's dream to have your actual face up there, in a live-action role. "I thought, 'Maybe I'll be the last one to ever be live in a Pixar movie and then I'll be kind of a trivia question. Who's the only actor...?' "But, unfortunately, I wasn't upstaging WALL-E the robot who's more lovable than I am and steals every scene he's in."Fred plays the President in the movie, and admits the film has a small tribute to American president George W. Bush in it.He explained: "There is a little salute to President Bush at the end when I say, 'Stay the course.' That wasn't my idea. It was someone else's political comment."

'WALL-E' is due for release in cinemas later this summer.

Pixar have previously enjoyed success with 'Cars', 'The Incredibles' and 'Toy Story'.