Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields has revealed that she picked up one of two knocks whilst filming new movie Furry Vengeance.

The Roger Kumble directed film is Shield's first movie since 2008 and sees her team up with Brendan Fraser.

And while the actress admits that she was hurt on set she claims it was nothing compared to her co-star.

In an interview with Parade the actress said: "I landed on the ground and I was like, 'I think my nose is broken'. I wasn't going to admit how much it hurt. But it was nothing compared to the hits Brendan took.

"He's maniacal. The closer he gets to pain, the more he laughs, it's like a weird thing. I'd have ice packs waiting for him. I'd have different drinks like Red Bull and green tea.

"I'd be like, 'He doesn't realise he's going to need a Band-Aid now, but soon he's going to need some Neosporin'."

The actress also liked the environmental message that the movie delivers and believes that kids will pick up on it.

"I think kids totally get the message in the film about preserving the environment.

"My older one, in particular, gets mad at me when I'm brushing my teeth if I don't turn the water off. I try to make my children focus on things they have control over because it empowers them."

Furry Vengeance is released 7th May.

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