Ben Drew

Ben Drew

Ben Drew aka Plan B reveals that he was keen to make a movie that talked about certain issues.

Drew unveiled his directorial debut iLL Manors at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend a movie that is about gangs and crime in London.

And while Drew admits that he is not there to offer a solution to the problem he just wanted to highlight it and make it a talking point.

Speaking to ITN the singer turned director said: "My music is always coming from a place, and this film came from a place where I want to talk about these issues because I feel that, no matter how negative they are, if we address them, talk about them, we can somehow learn from them.  

"I don't think the film offers up a solution on how to deal with it but I definitely think it brings awareness to the subject matter."

We are also going to be seeing Drew in front of the camera later this year as he has also teamed up with Ray Winstone for a movie remake of The Sweeney.

Drew will take on the role of George Carter while Winstone is set to play Jack Regan - the movie is directed by Nick Love.

iLL Manors is released 6th June.

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