Everyone knows this movie. Everyone knows the story of John Wick, right? So why make it this week’s Film of the Week? Well…

Keanu Reeves in the middle of the action / Picture Credit: Legendary Entertainment

Keanu Reeves in the middle of the action / Picture Credit: Legendary Entertainment

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is a character of poise, intelligence, and raw determination which we may have seen before, but never done this well.

John Wick combines Reeves’ talent to completely command the screen with incredible action scenes and fight sequences that flow perfectly – this film is a great example of what cinema can do.

After the death of his wife due to a nondescript illness, Wick seeks solace in a puppy his late wife sent to him before her passing, so he would have something to love after she is gone.

As this is a truly touching sentiment, we already adore Wick as his deep love for his wife and now for the puppy, creates a sense of safety and trust for this character that continues throughout the movie, no matter what he does.

Wick, after spending an odd day with his puppy joyriding his car (puppies love that, don’t they?), stops to fill up his tank. Mobster Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen) notices Wick’s prized car (a Ford Mustang) and offers him money for it.

Wick refuses, which angers Tarasov so much that he decides to not only go to Wick’s home and steal his car and beat him up, but to also kill the puppy his wife left him.

Wick, being a former assassin (one of the best, in fact) decides to live a life of crime and violence once again in order to take revenge on Tarasov and his crew.

The characters in the movie, whether they’re on Wick’s side or not, paint him to be the epitome of excellence in his field. Wick can kill anyone with anything, and will do so if threatened.

Wick spends the remainder of the film hunting Tarasov down, killing anyone who gets in his way in some of the most amazingly-choreographed fight scenes in any action flick.

The scenes flow so beautifully, from a punch to a gunshot to another punch, all while radiating a deep sense of anger and revenge. Wick terrifies those he’s hunting down; they know he is a skilled killer and will stop at nothing for revenge.

Wick is a character unlike any other, his unassailable demeanour carries the film, as he is not arrogant by believing he is invincible; he just knows he is better than the ones who he hunts.

Not only do the scenes look fantastic due to the fight choreography and performances by actors, but you can pause this movie at any moment and get a stunning picture.

The purples, yellows and greens that flood almost every moment of the film serve to elevate it from dark and violent, to colourful and intriguing – all while maintaining the core ideals of darkness and brutality.

What also works brilliantly in this film is that, in many action movies the protagonist hardly ever gets hurt. Of course it happens, but sometimes when it does it is played off like a small bruise. Not with Wick.

Wick is constantly getting stabbed and shot and punched and he genuinely looks like he had had enough with everyone during the whole movie. Reeves is perfect for this role; it's something he was born for.

John Wick is the first of three films, with a fourth on the way, with each in the series delivering a clear, understandable and engaging story. Wick may be a killer, but he’s one we can root for. The ultimate anti-hero.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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