Who can say they don’t like Elf, really? It is the ultimate Christmas movie - it contains everything you want in a festive film; a grown man dressed as an Elf, festive music, giant New York Christmas trees, and a savage snowball fight!

Make sure you watch Elf this Christmas? / Picture Credit: New Line Cinema

Make sure you watch Elf this Christmas? / Picture Credit: New Line Cinema

Will Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf, who is a human who was accidently brought to the North Pole as a baby in Santa’s gift bag. Now, Buddy lives among the Elves somehow not realising he’s not an Elf…

Buddy not knowing he is a human is such brilliant comedy, as he showers in a shower way too small for him, he sits on his father’s lap as a child and he’s just massive (almost crushing him), and he definitely doesn’t fit into his tiny bed.

When Buddy finds out he’s not the same as everyone else (took him long enough!), his ‘father’, Papa Elf (Bob Newhart) tells him where his real dad is – in New York City (NYC)!

So after some goodbyes and advice from Santa (Ed Asner), including to not eat gum off the street as it’s not “free candy”, Buddy sets off to find his father!

Once in NYC, Buddy finds his dad, Walter (James Caan). Walter is, well… a scrooge of sorts. He doesn’t seem to care for Christmas – or Buddy for that matter.

Buddy makes it his mission to get Walter to love Christmas, he tries some odd methods like making spaghetti and candy for breakfast (please don’t try this!).

The film follows Buddy as he tries to win over his father, tackle love for the first time when he meets Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) at a toy store, and save Christmas!

Any character who isn’t immediately in love with Buddy’s cheerful demeaner eventually comes around, including Buddy’s little brother, Michael (Daniel Tay).

Michael and Buddy hit it off after a snowball fight in the park, as Buddy throws snowballs like projectiles at children – always a hilarious situation, seeing a grown man make kids cry by throwing snow at them too hard.

This is the perfect Christmas film – no arguments! It’s timeless, as it came out in 2003 and so many people watch it every year, some as a festive tradition!

It also has a wonderful cast alongside Ferrell; Jon Favreau is in a small scene but also directs the movie, and Mary Steenburgen plays a wonderful and jolly role as Walter’s wife.

Elf can be enjoyed by kids, whole families, teens, adults, and just about anybody else! The simple feel-good notion of this film makes it worth setting aside one day at Christmas every year to settle on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand, and watch Buddy the Elf get hit by a taxi, eat gum off the street even though Santa told him not to, and discover the world outside the North Pole.

Buddy always stays positive, even when around Walter who says he doesn’t really like Christmas. There isn’t one moment in this film where you don’t feel like smiling and enjoying the holiday season.

Christmas films are always a staple at this time of the year, of course they are! But a film as wonderful, funny, and festive as Elf should be watched every year - as it is the Christmas film!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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