Hoping to cheer us all up in the midst of yet another nationwide coronavirus lockdown, Sky have today (January 15th 2021) released their new Sky Original film, Blithe Spirit.

Based on the play of the same name by Noël Coward, the movie features an all-star cast including Judi Dench, Leslie Mann, Dan Stevens, Isla Fisher, Emilia Fox and more, with Edward Hall serving as director.

To celebrate the release, we’ve got our hands on an exclusive clip which shows Dench’s character, Madame Acarti, confronted by the deceased Elvira Condomine (Mann), trying to make sure that now she’s been brought back to the land of the living, she won’t be sent back to where she came from!

Though her tough words don’t seem to work at first, Madame Acarti is shocked into taking notice when Elvira flicks on the bedroom lights, before summoning a deck of cards to fly around the “meddling old crone’s” head.

You can check out the clip below:

Principal photography for Blithe Spirit actually started all the way back in June 2019, but with an originally-scheduled release date of May 1st 2020, then September 4th 2020 and finally December 25th 2020, the coronavirus pandemic truly took ahold of the reins.

Sky acquired British distribution rights to the film last November, meaning that the movie is now exclusive to Sky Cinema across the UK.

Dan Stevens takes on the role of crime novelist Charles, who's struggling with writer's block and a looming deadline for his first screenplay. With his picture-perfect wife Ruth (Isla Fisher) hoping to keep him focused so she can follow her own dream pursuit of making it to Hollywood, the pair invite Madame Arcati (Dench) to perform a séance in their home, despite her recent exposure as a fraud.

All three get more than they bargained for when Madame Arcati summons the spirit of Charles' deceased first wife Elvira (Mann), who's on a mission to murder her former husband so they can spend eternity together. Love triangles don’t come much stranger than this!

See below for the full Blithe Spirit trailer:

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