Many horror/thriller movies rely on the sickening sounds of a monster, or piano keys being played by a mystery figure for their scares; but not this one.

Lee Abbott trying to keep his son quiet / Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

Lee Abbott trying to keep his son quiet / Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place relies on the lack of sound to create the perfect intimidating atmosphere. In a world where noise can get you killed, this family have adapted well to making no sound at all.

The 2018 film follows the Abbott family, headed by married couple Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski).

The pair have three children; one child is deaf, one is in constant fear, and the third... well, they suffer a very sad fate indeed.

The family live on a farm, not too far from a town. They never wear shoes and they cook in unconventional ways in order to not meet the same end many other humans have; being eaten by creatures that are blind, but can hear anything and everything.

When Evelyn becomes pregnant, the family must make changes to their home to keep a newborn baby silent, and a mother in labour from screaming.

Will the family survive, when any movement could be their last?

This film is unlike any other. It shows a regular family life, but in the midst of what you might call the end of the world. There are hardly any spoken lines, and the characters rely on sign language to communicate.

The small glimpse of the creature we see at the start of the movie that prey on the human race, is more than enough to plant an unnerving and dangerous feeling in the film.

Every move the characters make is slow, quiet, and suggests that something could be lurking in the shadows, whether night or day. Their secluded home makes the danger even more imminent, as Lee uses morse code over the radio to find out if anyone is left out in the wider world.

Lee also spends time working on a hearing aid for his daughter, studying books he’s found to try and make life easier for her. While she doesn’t seem to appreciate the gesture as she’s convinced it will never work, her father battles on anyway.

The scene in which Evelyn gives birth is as tense as you’d imagine; the beasts are close by, her husband is out, her kids aren’t in the house… what else could go wrong?

As the family scramble to the house, a firework is let off by the couple’s son, allowing Evelyn to shriek as loud as she wants while she gives birth to her child.

The brilliant thing about this film is that the unnerving atmosphere doesn’t let up once, even while Lee and his son go fishing and share a lovely moment together. Each time the family have dinner there is a sense of unease that is always lurking throughout the whole movie, making it an excellent horror to watch late at night for any genre junkie.

A Quiet Place is a perfectly-paced story, with intelligent characters and an amazing storyline; worth a watch with the lights off for sure.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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