The Dilemma

The Dilemma

As I have already mentioned comedy movie have been a little below par this year - we really have had no laugh out loud, side splitting film.

And it is a comedy movie that is the #1 on FemaleFirst's Worst Movies of 2011 countdown in the form of The Dilemma.

I have to admit I was looking forward to seeing Ron Howard tackle a comedy movie as it is not a genre that he really dabbles with - and now we see why.

The movie follows best friends and business partners Ronny Valentine (Vince Vaughn) & Nick Brannen (Kevin James) who are on the cusp on a big deal.

But that is put in jeopardy when Ronny discovers that Nick's wife is having an affair and he doesn't know how to break the new to his friend.

The be all and end all of it is this... The Dilemma is simply void of any humour - something I find is rather necessary in a comedy movie.

The film is more concerned with slap stick comedy; falling out of trees and so one, rather than delivering a clever and witty script.

This is a major shame as the comic talents of both Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are wasted because of this -we really have come to expect better from both of them.

There is simply no chemistry between the four leading characters not to mention that the plot is just a waffling and confused mess.

Howard seems to have tired to include too many strands in the film - bromance, romance, slap stick as well as a stab at some dark humour which never really works out.

One thing I will say is Channing Tatum is great as Zip - the slightly crazed and yet emotional love interest of Geneva.

Sadly these are characters that you do not care about and that makes the 1hr 50 min watch more than a little painful.

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