Prometheus looks set to be one of the biggest movies to grace the big screen this summer and I was one of the fortunate few who got to take a peak at ten new minutes of footage from the movie yesterday.

Now seeing films in little bits sometimes might not be a good thing but believe me when I tell you that Prometheus is set to be an awesome watch this summer as it just looks stunning.

The opening clip saw Dr Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover a 35,000 year old cave painting that showed a far away solar system.

This discovery on The Isle of Skye is the latest painting showing such a solar system, with other paintings by other civilisations being discovered. And it seems that this final piece of a very old puzzle is enough to send seventeen explorers off into space.

Scoot forward to 2093 and we meet David, played by Michael Fassbender, for the very first time. David is an android who has been all alone aboard the Prometheus as his human crew-mates have been in hypersleep.

In the Q&A after the footage Fassbender admitted that he had not watched Ian Holm's performance in Alien as he prepared for this role - watching Blade Runner, The Servant, Lawrence of Arabia and The Man Who Fell To Earth instead.

The movie makes no secret that David is an android and it seems that the idea of 'what it is to be human' could well be explored through this character.

And it was in these scenes that we got the first look at the planet that these fearless few will be investigating - and from an special effects perspective it just looked amazing.

Charlize Theron is also on the cast list and we also got a look at her character Meredith Vickers, and there is something rather shifty about her from the start.

While everyone else is puking their guts up after coming out of hypersleep Vickers is doing press ups.

Vickers is a corporate representative on the voyage and while Theron admits that she is a very cold and calculated character she revealed that Vickers is on the mission for a very personal reason - however she refused to elaborate on that.

We also get a brief look at Idris Elba who plays the ship's captain Janek, who seemed more interested in giving his ship some festive cheer than actually landing it - he could well be the comic relief in the film.

The footage we saw also gave us a first glimpse of Guy Pearce who looked fantastic as the aged Peter Weyland, the prosthetic make-up really was very good.

It's fair to say that the footage we saw, as well as the director and cast in the Q&A gave nothing about the movie away, they just notched up the excitement and the intrigue around this release a little more.

Scott revealed in the Q&A that after seeing the Alien franchise over the years that he was left with one huge question 'who is the guy in the chair? Who is the Space Jockey' and that is where the idea for this movie stemmed.

Scott also revealed that he began work on the look of the movie before Prometheus was even green lit - and it really does show. Scott was a designer himself and throughout his career he has been very particular about the look of his movies.

And this looks set to be no different as the first look of the planet they are visiting and the landing of Prometheus on said planet really were spectacular.

It's a very sleek looking movie and the interiors of Prometheus itself are very minimal and spacious.

We didn't a look at Patrick Wilson's role in the movie nor did we see much of Sean Harris or Rafe Spall.

As for Noomi Rapace this is set to be a role that will send her star rocketing as her character goes on quite a journey.

She revealed that Elizabeth is a scientist but also a believer in God and this voyage is something she has wanted her whole life.

But her believes are truly tested during the movie  - Rapace admitted in the Q&A 'She goes through a lot in the movie she becomes a survivor, fighter and a warrior.

Prometheus is released 1st June.

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