Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids

2011 really hasn't been the year for comedy and Cedar Rapids is another example of just how poor it has been.

With the likes of Ed Helms, John C. Reilly and Anne Heche on the cast list I was expecting a very funny movie - but I didn't even chuckle.

Sadly Cedar Rapids has made it to number two on our worst movies of 2011 list - it pains me to even remember this awful movie.

Tim Lippe has no idea what he's in for when he's sent to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to represent his company at an annual insurance convention, where he soon finds himself under the "guidance" of three convention veterans.

The major problem with this movie is nothing really happens, it is really boring, not to mention not very funny - humour sort of being essential in a comedy film.

Unfortunately the script is just really weak with uninteresting characters that you couldn’t really give two hoots about.

A cast that includes Ed Helms, Anne Heche and Jon C.Reilly could have been laugh out loud funny but the weak script does little to show the comic talent of these three funny actors - which is a real shame. 

The film never really decides whether it wants to be an R rated comedy or something a little sweeter with more heart - and because it can never really decides which camp it wants to fall into it misses the mark on both counts.

The Cedar Rapids movie promised to be one of the most original comedies of the year - sadly it turned out to be a bit of a dud with left me wondering where all the laughs were!

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