Holy Rollers

Holy Rollers

Holy Rollers follows the character of Sam (Jesse Eisenberg), who leads a normal life with his family in their close-knit Hasidic Jew community, soon though, Sam is lured into the glamorous life of crime and is persuaded into smuggling drugs by his wayward neighbour Josef (Justin Bartha).

To celebrate the release of Holy Rollers on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on October 24th, we want to look at other famous bad influences in film and the characters that get led into a dangerous life because of them.

Almost Famous (2000)

In this coming of age tale, aspiring journalist William tours with his Rocker heroes Stillwater to try and write the best piece for Rolling Stone magazine.

Along the way he witnesses sex, drugs  and rock n’roll and is almost pulled into the bands hedonistic lifestyle, but manages to get out just in time!

The Lost Boys (1987)

Cult classic The Lost Boys shows the main character Michael become involved with a mysterious gang due to his infatuation with Star, a beautiful girl who hangs around with them.

Soon though, the gang shows their true colours and tricks Michael into becoming a half-vampire, then trying to get him to become a true vampire by killing someone.

Bad Influence (1990)

This movie’s title speaks for itself and shows Michael, a wimpy executive who gets his life turned upside down by dangerous Alex, who moves in on every aspect of Michael’s life with disastrous consequences, and when Michael wants out of their twisted relationship Alex is not happy

Mean Girls (2004)

Mean Girls follows the life of clueless Cady who has never been to high school before and while meeting genuine friends in her first day, is also welcomed into ‘The Plastics’ who rule the school.

Cady’s situation soon turns sour though when Cady she loses sight of her real friends and becomes one of the people she hates, bringing chaos to the school in the process.

Heathers (1988)

This dark comedy follows Veronica, part of a popular clique in high school called the Heathers which she is desperate to get out of.

Her escape comes in the form of new guy J.D whose wild ways intrigue her and the pair soon become close, but the more they get to know each other, the higher the body count becomes around the school.

Risky Business (1983)

In Tom Cruise’s breakout role he played straight-laced teenager Joel, who’s friends at the beginning start a sequence of events which end in him being in a relationship with glamorous prostitute Lana, and even turning his house into a Brothel for a night while his parents are away on holiday.

In this particular film though his bad boy behaviour works in his favour as due to his entrepreneurial skills, he is accepted into Harvard which was his goal in the beginning!

Easy A (2010)

Easy A see’s normal teenager Olive become a bad influence herself by trying to help out her geeky friends who believe spreading the rumour she slept with them will help them get popular.

This doesn’t sit well though with the schools Christian group though who believe she Is a bad influence to the school and she soon becomes outcast for her supposed unruly behaviour, despite none of the rumours being true!

Holy Rollers is out 24th October