Almost Famous

Almost Famous

Our look at the best coming of age movies continues as we celebrate the release of The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

And today we will be looking at one of Cameron Crowe's greatest movies... Almost Famous.

The movie was penned by Crowe as well as directed and followed a teenage writer for magazine Rolling Stone - the story is semi-autobiographical as Crowe did just that in his teenage years.

Almost Famous is a movie about a rock and roll band and a very honest portrayal of how that life can be the film is also more than that.

It is about the journey of a boy to a man and William Miller (played by Patrick Tugit) is a teenager than wants to be heard, respected and experience life.

After landing his dream job as a writer for Rolling Stone William hits the road with band Stillwater and along the way he experiences love, loss, regret and he finds himself out in the real world.

Williams is a character who has been protected and to a point smothered by his mother and he just wants to break free and experience life and the world for himself.

There is a real charm to his innocence and everyone can relate to that feeling of wanting to step out on your own.

It's a fantastic performance from Tugit and there is a real chemistry between him and Kate Hudson - who was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Penny Lane.

There is a real honesty and sincerity to this story as well as a lot of truth and that makes Almost Famous incredibly touching as well as engaging.

As well as being a fantastic coming of age movie Almost Famous is also a love letter to the seventies and the rock and roll attitude of that time.

Almost Famous remains Cameron Crowe's greatest movie as he delivered a film that was simply just about living life - even if reality does end up smacking you in the face.

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The Perks of Being A Wallflower is out now

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