Suraj Sharma In Life Of Pi

Suraj Sharma In Life Of Pi

2012 has been a great year for movies and while we have been celebrating just how fantastic some of these movies have been we have seen some young talent making this movie debut.

The new faces of 2012 have been making quite a splash and we take a look at some of the actors who showed off their talent for the very first time.

- Quvenzhané Wallis - Beasts of the Southern Wild

One of the most impressive big screen debuts came this autumn when Quvenzhané Wallis burst onto the big screen in Beasts of the Souther Wild.

Not only is this movie totally breathtaking but Quvenzhané delivers a performance that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

She was just five years old when she took on the role of Hushpuppy - a young give who lives with her dying father in the backwoods of bayou.

Quvenzhané has such a presence and strength of character in someone so young and her performance is simply magnetic and magical.

Praise has been heaped on the young actress a whole host of awards and nominations have come her way.

- Rihanna - Battleship

From pop diva to big screen star chart topper Rihanna became the latest pop star to make her acting debut this year as she starred in blockbuster Battleship.

Directed by Peter Berg and starring Taylor Kitsch and Liam Neeson the movie saw Rihanna take on the role of Gunner's Mate Second Class (GM2) Cora Raikes - a weapon's specialist.

Yes this movie is as deep as a puddle but Rihanna handled everything that was thrown at her really well and that included big action sequences as well as working with CGI.

While the movie left a little bit to be desired it has launched Rihanna as an actress and we will be seeing her in The End of the World next year.

- Jeremy Irvine - War Horse

Jeremy Irvine has had one hell of a 2012 as he has worked with Steven Spielberg and Mike Newell - hard to believe that he only made his debut at the beginning of the year.

Spielberg has been known for taking little known actors and casting them in major roles and that is exactly what he did with Irvine as he landed the role of Albert Narracott in War Horse.

The movie was a big screen adaptation of the novel by Michael Morpurgo and was a touching tale about a young boy and his horse who is taken away for cavalry in the First World War.

It is an incredibly powerful and moving performance from Irvine and it was a role that really did introduce him to film fans in a big way.

Since then he has starred in Great Expectations and Now is Good and the future really does look bright for the young star.

- Alice Englert - Ginger & Rosa

Alice Englert is another young star that has been making a splash this year when she teamed up with Elle Fanning for Ginger & Rosa.

The daughter of director Jane Campion has been working in shorts before she made the leap into feature film with this drama.

Ginger & Rosa was a hit on the festival circuit as Englert gave a very powerful performance in what was a fantastic movie.

And her star looks set to rocket even further at the beginning of next year as she leads the cast in the big screen adaptation of Beautiful Creatures.

She takes on the role of Lena Duchannes in a film that is being tipped as a replacement of the Twilight Saga.

- Suraj Sharma - Life of Pi

This week we see another actor make his big screen debut as Suraj Sharma takes on the title role in Ang Lee's Life of Pi.

The movie is a big screen adaptation of the popular novel of the same name by Yann Martel and it is set to be a movie not to miss this Christmas.

This is the first real acting experience that Sharma has had - apart from a couple of TV appearances where he has played himself.

Life Of Pi follows the story of a young man’s incredible survival at sea against almost impossible odds.

Life of Pi is released 20th December

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