Deception isn't the answer

Deception isn't the answer

Dishonest motorists who see insurance as a way to clear their debts or make money face a nasty surprise.

Figures released today by the ABI (Association of British Insurers) show that last year insurers uncovered 24,000 fraudulent motor insurance claims worth £260 million, or £5 million every week. The number of dishonest motor claims detected has risen by 70% over the last three years.

Cheats who have been caught out include:

A policyholder, claiming for damage to her Land Rover when it hit the front of her house, said it was caused when her foot slipped off the brake. However, the damage was caused deliberately, following an argument with her partner.

A car owner claimed his car had been stolen. It was proved that he had pushed it over a cliff, and planned to use the insurance payout to meet his Hire Purchase payments. The owner of a Rolls Royce claimed £10,000 for the alleged theft of the front grill, hubcaps, steering wheel, seats and bonnet mascot. However, he had removed the items himself; the police later found them in his home. He received a criminal conviction.

The ABI are cracking down hard on these fraudulent motorists and anyone committing insurance fraud is more likely to get caught, risks a criminal record and will find future insurance and credit harder to obtain and more expensive.

That’s what I like to see – zero tolerance.

Jackie Violet – Female First