If you work from the comfort of your own office, you are already ahead of the game when it comes to saving money because you no longer have to pay for petrol, train tickets, bus passes or taxis- go you! With that said, there are other ways you can save when your commute is precisely zero minutes. Here are our top suggestions: 

Finance on Female First

Finance on Female First

Make your food at home: Although it may be tempting to use your lunch hour to go out and get something from your corner shop every day, this can get costly so make sure you buy what you need at the supermarket so you always have something in to make a nutritious breakfast and lunch.  

Don’t give into the ice cream van: It’s that time of year when the all too familiar tune from the ice cream van is in the air. If you generally fancy an ice cream after your lunch, make sure you have plenty stocked up in your freezer so you’re not tempted to go and get a ninety nine during the afternoon slump. 

Avoid online shopping: Without your boss breathing down your neck, you might be tempted to have a cheeky look on your favourite shopping sites at your desk. If this sounds like you- nip it in the bud now- you work from home- so you need less clothes than you did because you no longer have to dress for an office environment. 

Don’t agree to everything because it’s free: If you are in the line of work where you are sent things to review or try out- only say yes to the things that you really want to sample. I say this because if you don’t- you will only have to spend money on petrol when you need to send bags of unwanted freebies to the charity shop. 

Layer up: If it’s cold, always opt for a jumper rather than heating the whole house to ensure your working station is warm. If you are chilly, there is no need to waste energy elsewhere when you can just dress more appropriately. 

Avoid top up shops: Chances are- if you work from home- to save your sanity, you have left the house to get something that you are running low on like bread or milk. Try to avoid these outings if possible as it only results in additional purchases like a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps along with your necessary item. This is not only bad for your finances but also your waistline. If you need to leave the house- do it for a walk and not to buy stuff. 

Save your commute money: Rather than blowing the extra cash you have now you no longer leave the house- work out how much it cost you each month in travel and put it straight in your savings as soon as you get paid. Don’t treat it as a bonus- try to spend the same as you did and the money will soon pile up behind the scenes.

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