While you may be saving a bob or two on your daily commute, your take away morning coffee and your lunchtime meal deal, there are other ways you can fritter away your monthly wage while in lockdown. Here are some ways to curb your spending while at home…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Don’t go wild with digital streaming services: While the temptation might be to get them all to see you through, opt for one or two or you will waste money because realistically, you can’t watch everything. You can cancel most streaming services once you’ve had your fill now, so leave one behind before you commit to another and you will save yourself some pennies.

Avoid online clothes shopping: Remember that you are at home now, so you don’t need a new pant suit for the office or a going out outfit for drinks with friends as you don’t know the next time you will need them. Chances are you probably have more than enough casual clothes in your wardrobe already, in which case, stick with these until such times when you need to dress in something different. 

Access free exercise classes: If you are missing the gym, don’t replace it with an expensive at-home service. There are plenty of YouTube videos to go at and you could always dust off your old exercise DVD too. In light of the circumstances, many brands are offering free access to their services for a limited time. Take for instance Chris Hemsworth who has offered a 6 week free trial of his Centr app to get you through lockdown. 

Grow your own veg: Rather than relying on your next shop, why not grow your own and then you can be totally self sufficient when it comes to your greens? The weather is getting kinder, so it’s a perfect time to be out in the garden growing your own food to feed your family and you know exactly where it’s come from!

Use up what’s in your cupboards: We all have some random things in the pantry that we don’t quite know what to do with or how to cook properly. If this sounds like you, pull them all out and search for recipes that contain these unusual ingredients and cook a new dish for your folks. This will save you having to buy as much at your next restock, thus saving you a few pounds here and there.

Read before you buy: If you want to spend your lockdown catching up on some reading, don’t automatically reach for your Kindle to buy a new book or order one to be delivered to your home. See what you already have first. Set yourself a challenge to read these all before you move onto something new and you will be amazed how much money you will save. 

Put your washing on the line: Now you have time to tend to your washing once it’s reached the end if it’s cycle you no longer have to chuck it in the dryer before or after work. You can use the good weather to help you save some money on your monthly bills by drying everything on the line or on a clothes horse if the weather takes a turn for the worst. 

Happy saving!

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