Bitcoin trading is not all fun and games! It takes skill to trade in Bitcoin and we are here to help you do it like a pro. Now that you have our attention, let’s jump in to discuss a few tricks and tips that will help you trade



Let’s see some Bitcoin investing and trading tips and tricks:

1. The first and the foremost tip we have for you is to go for an exchange, instead of a broker. This is because a broker charges hefty amounts of fees and going for an exchange will simply save you loads of money.

2. Another tip that we have for you is to go for limit orders. When you have selected an exchange, opting for limit orders will help you cut down the costs, as market orders have a high fee in comparison with limit orders. A lot of exchanges offer free limit order

3. In our list of tips, we suggest you to decide whether you want to take the short term path or the long term path. You need to make this decision before you step foot in cryptocurrency trading and you need to ensure that you know which way you want to go. Your decision will have an effect on your profit, and your taxes.

4. Another tip that we have for you is that you should not buy and sell, all in one go. Go for averaging and laddering to get a grip in cryptocurrency trading. Buy and sell when the prices go up and down, and practice this method.

5. Cryptocurrency trading requires patience, and management. Our tip number 5 for you is that you should learn about risk management and sizing. You should learn the trick of buying the right quantity and how to avoid huge losses.

6. Do not ever skip a point that cryptocurrency trading is ever going. It has a global market and you need to consider various factors such as strategies of investing, and making the use of stops and orders, among various other trading instruments and tools.

7. Understand that there is a difference between Bull Market and Bear Market. You should have an eye for Bull Market and Bear Market and you should know when to buy, and when to sell in order to eliminate losses. Learn more about bitcoin trading from bitcoin champion app.

8. A trader of cryptocurrency needs to have the realization that cryptocurrencies go in certain patterns. You should study the market and cryptocurrency rotation before you make any moves.

9. Diversifying is the key! Don’t stick to one type of cryptocurrency. Study the market as a whole and then trade accordingly.

10. This is one of the most crucial points. You should always look out for scams! The world of cryptocurrency trading is a little rocky as there are a lot of companies that are sitting to scam you and take all your money! You should invest your money with a company that is appropriately regulated and has proper licensing, hence, trustworthy. Try to stay away from platforms that promise you hefty amounts of profits and lure you into losing all your money.

11. Another mistake that traders usually make is that they get attracted and start downloading some kinds of wallets or links that lead them to an insecure environment. Maintaining your privacy is vital and downloading such wallets haphazardly might put your private information and money into jeopardy.


12. RESEARCH! You need to research, and only listen to those who know what they are talking about. Taking tips from anyone might not be of help and it could also lead you to a path of losses. You need to focus on listening to the pros and those who earn profits from cryptocurrency trading.


13. Not just in cryptocurrency trading, but you should never share your personal details and passwords with anyone in general as well. Make it a point that you don’t slip these details to anyone and ensure that you are always logging in with the correct link. Avoid scams, and simply stay away from any fishy companies or platforms.

And that is it! These were a few simple, yet highly important tips that we had for you. Before you go jump in the world of cryptocurrency trading, make it a point to go through all of these! Happy trading!