Research from The Laughing Cow Extra Light has this week revealed nearly a quarter of us are turning to supermarket coupons and vouchers in an effort to save money and reduce our spending. Teaming up with Coupon Queen, Emma Mumford, they're now offering some top tips for looking after the pennies...

Need some help saving money?

Need some help saving money?

Cut down on unnecessary spending - We are all guilty of falling into the habit of buying a morning coffee on our commute to work, or nipping out of the office to pick up our lunches. But, by swapping your shop bought coffee for a flask made at home you can save up to £611 a year, whilst making homemade sandwiches for lunch can further reduce your annual spend by around £590. By cutting back a little bit each day, you can give yourself a boost every now and again and treat yourself to an extra special coffee! 

Get coupon collecting - Collecting coupons can help you to make a saving on almost every item you buy. Use websites such as Extreme Couponing and Deals UK to research all the latest deals and coupons, and it's also a good idea to keep a look out for offers in supermarket magazines as they often contain lots of vouchers. During my best coupon shop to date I was able to get £256 of products for just 8p… Be prepared for some funny looks at the checkout though! 

Sign up to loyalty cards and schemes - It's a great idea to sign up to supermarket loyalty cards and schemes, such as those at Boots, Sainsbury's and Tesco. Through these you are automatically signed up to receive information about free samples and money-off vouchers. Going one step further, I always recommend following the brands you love on social media. Their vouchers will often pop up on your news feed with no extra work to you. 

Don't be afraid to give your feedback - Providing feedback isn't only reserved for complaining about a product. Don't be afraid to get in touch with a company to provide positive feedback too! Manufacturers can learn a lot from their customers, so giving a detailed opinion is really valued. Companies will often respond offering coupons as a thank you - Dettol once responded to me with a £20 voucher - the equivalent to a year's supply of cleaning products. 

Stay organised - People are often put off using coupons thinking that it will take up too much time and energy. Staying organised is key in order to keep on top of the latest coupons and deals, with minimal effort. By remaining up to date with coupon websites, and reading magazines and newspapers, checking for deals can become part of your daily routine in no time. 

Remain positive - Unfortunately, you'll always receive some huffing and puffing from irritated customers when pulling out your coupons in the supermarket. Remain positive and keep your head held high, you should be proud of the fact you're making an effort to keep on top of your finances. Why fritter money away when it's so easy to make a saving?

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