Bad present buyers, relax; 95% of Brits are hoping for cash or vouchers this Christmas rather than a product-based gift. In response to this- we share ten reasons why gift vouchers are the perfect present- in case you aren’t convinced.

They are easy!

They are easy!

The receiver can buy what they want- It may seem like a copout, but the person can get what they genuinely want with a voucher and can choose something they will use.

It’s easy- What’s easier than popping to the shops and buying a gift card? The only decision you have to make is which one and how much- far simpler than looking around for inspiration in the Christmas crowds.

It requires no wrapping- All you need is an envelope and done! If you’re not a good wrapper- then you don’t have to stress about your present looking a mess.

Vouchers can make memories- An experience day, a meal out or retail vouchers means the recipient has to go out and do something with your present rather than the excitement being over once they’ve opened it.

It can encourage other people to join in- A partner or parent might come with you to enjoy your meal; your friend might take the opportunity to go shopping with you and someone might book in to do the experience day with you. it’s a more sociable gift and lets others join in.

You don’t waste your money- If you buy a gift, the person might like it, or they might send it off to the charity shop a few months later. At least this way you know your pennies are being spent wisely.

It’s good for people who don’t like surprises- If you have someone in the family or a friend who hates to be taken by surprise with gifts, you can ask them what they actually want so they won’t be made uncomfortable when opening it.

Its not cliché- You don’t have to buy socks, chocolates or a generic bottle of something- you can actually tailor the gift to the person you’re giving it to.

The shops have got you covered- They supply you with the voucher and usually a pretty card to put it in- so you don’t even have to deplete your Christmas card stores or buy a money wallet to make it look presentable.

There’s plenty of choice- If you’re unsure, you can get vouchers for a whole shopping centre, so you can’t go wrong. Or restaurant vouchers that cover many different chains if you’re not certain which is their favourite. The person you’re buying for is bound to find one film they want to watch in the year so this is a safe bet too.

If in doubt- buy a gift voucher!

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