The team behind Australia’s largest network of gift delivery stores, Edible Blooms, has shaken up the gifting game with the UK launch of their new brand, Gift Rebellion. So, to celebrate, we have come up with five reasons why edible blooms are better than flowers.

Edible bouquets can leave fresh flowers standing!

Edible bouquets can leave fresh flowers standing!

No Hassle

There’s nothing quite like a loved-one gifting you with flowers, but after the initial admiration comes the work. From snipping stems to remembering to water the blooms, it can easily become quite the task. But with edible bouquets, the only task is unwrapping the delicious chocolate pieces.

Sweet Joy

Ready for some science? Those with IQs way above average will know that there are over 300 naturally-occurring chemicals in chocolates – some of which play on the love-strings of the brain by releasing neurotransmitters. One such is phenethylamine, also known as “the love drug”, and this particular neurotransmitter causes excitement, quickens the pulse rate, and makes you happy. So, in summary chocolate is scientifically proven to you feel happier.

Gift Differently

While there’s no disagreement that flowers are beautiful, something can be said about them losing their wow-factor over the years. Here to signal the end of boring blooms, variety is at the forefront of the fabulously fresh and handcrafted products. Offering something for everyone, the yummy bouquets come in all shapes and sizes, and can also be personalised for that added kapow!

Money Well Spent

It’s no secret that the perfect arrangement of flowers will cost you a pretty penny but edible flowers fit every budget whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day or Christmas.

Standing The Test Of Time

The awe of flowers is always short-lived, especially after 7 days when petals start dropping, and everyone hates the dreaded mould that occurs when you forget to change the water. With edible flowers on the other hand the tasty treats have a much longer lifespan – that is of course depending on just how big a chocolate-lover you are!

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