Rebecca Adlington an Olympic swimmer who has now turned her career into TV presenting, as well as running her very own swim school has talked to us about taking the leap of faith to switch our careers and do something we love and enjoy.

Rebecca Adlington: Switching Careers

Rebecca Adlington: Switching Careers

You made the career switch to TV presenting, why did you decide to go down that path?

I had retired from sport and had done TV work for 4 years while I swam. I always enjoyed it and loved the experience. Having the opportunity to work for the BBC was an honour, I've learnt so much and still got a way to go but enjoying it.

Being an Olympic swimmer you have been in the media eye, did this give you the confidence to go into TV presenting?

I found it a very natural step to go into TV presenting once I retired. I'm very comfortable in front of the camera, as I've got so used to it.

How important is it to do a job you love?

It's the most important thing. If you love what you do then that will show through. You will work harder, go above and beyond, enjoy it and more likely to be successful.

Many people worry that switching jobs will have a negative effect on the people around them, for example not getting their families support, what would you say to these people?

I can understand people weighing up the options. However, it is totally unknown and you never know what will happen. It can be scary and challenging but it can also be exciting, rewarding and the best thing you will ever do. Its sometimes about the long term, the future and fulfilling your dreams, goals and finding happiness.

Did your family support your move from swimming to TV presenting?

I'm very lucky my family have always supported me and I'm confident that they will always support me.

Is there an age limit to switching careers?

Definitely not!

Many people feel like they lack the skills to change careers, what advice would you give them in gaining new skills and training to find the job they love?

There are so many options available now. Especially with distance learning courses, you can still work or look after your family and just have that flexibility.

You also have a swim school, is it difficult balancing what is essentially two jobs?

Everyone has challenges. For me organisation is a huge part of my life. Being part of sport has helped me be organised, having a schedule and routine. Its something that always takes work and sometimes it doesn't go to plan but its about balance.

With all you have going on do you still keep up with exercise and swimming?

I still try to. Its all about balance. I try to do exercise 2-3 times a week, and I take my daughter swimming 1-2 times a week.

Finally, what is next for you?

Developing my learn to swim program. We currently have over 6,000 kids on our program learning to swim every week which is fantastic. But with over 1 million children leaving primary school unable to swim 25m in this country, I still have a way to go to seeing that number change!

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