Dating online isn’t a new thing, but it highly evolved from where it started. Some find it similar to shopping. You choose a website you like, select the category you’re interested in, filter the products by a feature you’re interested in, and add the right one into your cart. Now replace products with individuals. Online dating makes everything easier because you get to know your date before you’re actually meeting them in person. But, sometimes, for a woman, online dating comes with some concerns and issues. Ghosting. Catfishing. Crimes. 

Online Dating

Online Dating

People can be creepy and aggressive when you don’t respond the way they’d like. They make rude remarks, send unsolicited pictures of you know what or stalk you on social media. 

This is why women must take some safety precautions when they register on an online dating app. 

Safety online dating tips for women

Don’t give out personal information. Why would someone need to know your address and workplace when you’ve only chatted a couple of times? All online dating apps recommend being careful about the information you provide to dates. Don’t spill out your favorite places, family’s address or birthday. Once you and your date get to know each other and build a certain level of trust, you can share more about yourself, but not before making sure they’re who they say they are. 

Use a reputable dating app or website. Don’t register on the first website that pops up. Do online research to find out what users have to say about specific apps and what their experience was with the website. Hinge and Tinder are two of the most popular dating apps, both attracting young people. Cannot decide if it is Hinge better than Tinder? It depends on your preferences. Hinge has more female users, but Tinder encourages diversity. Hinge asks you to complete more fields than Tinder, but it can prove useful because it boosts your chances to find a match. 

Stop the conversation if the match asks for money. When your love interest asks you to send them money, don’t even bother to find out why they need it. No one who is genuinely looking for love will ever ask you money. Swipe left and move on. 

Don’t send them steamy pictures of videos. Yes, it’s exciting to exchange sexy pictures with your partner, but don’t send steamy photos to someone you just met. Sextortion scam is a real thing, and people using online dating websites can use the images you send to blackmail you. 

Use LinkedIn to research your match. The best way to find out if your date is who they say they are is to check their LinkedIn profile. Scammers don’t bother to create a LinkedIn profile and connect with trustworthy individuals, so if your match doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile, they may have something to hide. Professional directories offer information beyond what you see on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

You may think they are the one, and they may be, but remember, your safety is crucial. If at any point you feel something isn’t right, stop connecting with your date.